Perry D. Lamb Jr.
for Walker County

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you why I think it is time to change the direction that this county has been heading.
My wife and I have chosen to make Walker County our "forever home" and I can no longer sit idly by and watch the current administration ignore the needs and the voices of the people that live here and work hard to support this county.
I feel that it is also time to stop "passing the torch" to the next generation of the affluent that have ties to each other through business and political ventures.  This county cannot continue down the same path. If we continue to elect new politicians that have lost touch with the average working man and woman, we can not expect to see a different result.
I am  NOT a politician. Coming from a very middle class family, I have had to struggle to find my own path in this life. I feel very strongly that the lessons I have learned along the way through work and education give me an advantage of understanding the hardships that people experience in their daily lives.
This county can be put on the path to prosperity by having someone who understands that the commissioner's job is to run Walker County in a more efficient manner and not expect the people who support the county, through their taxes, to continue to pay more and more out of their budget and in return have less
and less for their families.
The financial problems of this county can not be fixed overnight but together we can begin to change the direction so that the people of Walker County once again have their voice.
Change can only be brought about with your help!
Any donation of time or money will greatly improve the capability of this campaign to get the message out there that the people of Walker County want a change!


Founding Fathers
Today's Government
The founding fathers created a constitution and a rule of law for our nation to be governed by the people.
It is time for the citizens of Walker County to speak up loud and clear with a unified voice by voting for a Commissioner who believes in the true meaning of the constitution and the rule of law.
  • Complete audit of County financial records
  • Decrease Commissioner salary
  • Work with department heads to run departments efficiently
  • Personally deliver proposal of a County Board of Commissioners to State Representatives and push to allow a binding county wide vote
  • Encourage new business by becoming a financially sound County
  • Bring in revenue from County owned properties
  • Offer social programs to help people break the cycle of drug addiciton
  • Provide needed tools to the Drug Task Force in order to decrease the county drug problems
  •  Publish an itemized budget for public review                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Locate and address wasteful spending
  • Explore options for decreasing the debt
  • Explore options for implementing a County Board of Commissioners
  • Lower debt thereby increasing the County credit rating
  • Offer a sound tax structure for new large and small businesses
  • Offer ways for citizens to choose important county improvements
  • Encourage Walker County Schools to provide students with programs aimed at community involvement


Increase County Revenue

Efficiently Run County Departments

We must get our debt from the past Walker County Commissioner under control.  With efficient budget control we will be able to pay down our debt and improve our credit rating.  We must do that in order to decrease our interest payments on current loans.  This county has to show new businesses that we will not let our debt run us into bankruptcy.  Walker County also has a judgement regarding the loan due to Erlanger Health System that has to be settled.  I WILL work to find a mutually beneficial solution for both parties.  The present Sole Commissioner has left this county with dire financial issues that must be addressed.  I will seek advice from the best financial advisors in order to come up with the best solutions to pay our debt and make this a county that new businesses want to come to.
As Commissioner I will immediately decrease the salary for the position by ten percent.  I will also help every department in Walker County find ways to run each department in the most efficient way possible.  Wasteful spending will be located and eliminated.  This will not be achieved by the cutting of essential public workers or their salaries.  The education and the safety of our citizens will be of the upmost importance to my administration.

County Board Of Commissioners

Needed Community Projects

It's time to let the people of Walker County vote for a multiple member board.  I propose that Walker County should have district commissioners that form a board.  The format should be decided upon by people from all areas of Walker County in order to create an efficient and cost effective Board.  Public meetings will be held when taxpayers can actually attend.
My administration will listen to the people of Walker County. There are projects that the people of this county want and need that will benefit everyone.  It will be my job to listen and find ways to implement what is wanted from the taxpayers.

This County Is Ready For A Change!